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That Dog Lady is a premium mobile grooming service that brings a fully self contained, state of the art mobile grooming salon right to your door step!  Below are a few frequently asked questions about what mobile grooming is, and how it works. 

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The Basics

• What is different about mobile grooming versus salon (brick and mortar) grooming?  With mobile grooming, you are getting a fully self-contained salon right in your driveway! No stressful car rides for your pet, no cages, no fighting traffic or parking, quick and efficient service.  In todays times, less travel is good! 1 person traveling to you, versus multiple people making 2 trips to me! The mobile is also very easy to sanitize and clean as its designed for efficiency.

• Is there a limit to the type of dogs you can accept? Yes.  Due to the limits of the van and for safety reasons, I cannot accept bath dogs over 75-100 lbs, depending, dogs with dense (husky type) coats or haircut dogs over 75-100lbs. 

• What about cost and payment? On average, you can expect to pay approximately $40 more* for your appointment.  You’re paying for the convenience of a premium mobile service with a Certified Advanced Professional Groomer and almost 20 years of experience to provide grooming services directly to you and your pet at your home, office, doggy daycare or other location.  That Dog Lady accepts Cash, Credit/Debit either in person or via online invoicing.


• What about the winter time?  2024 winter season TBA

• Do I need to be home for you to groom my pets?  You will need to be home for the initial appointment.  After then, arrangements can be made for me to service your pup without you being present.  If your dog has medical needs, is elderly or has a history of being difficult, I may request you stay on site for the duration of the groom.


• Can I watch while my dog gets groomed?  Unfortunately, no. Through insurance per policy it is not allowed.   Also, the owners being present can cause a distraction for the dog and the groomer and this can cause the dogs to become over excited or jump which could cause them to be injured. Groomers use sharp scissors and blades around very sensitive areas that could easily cut or knicked.


• Where do you park? I can park anywhere there is legal parking.  It needs to be a “mostly” level parking spot either in your driveway or on the street.  If there is no immediate parking and I need to park down the street or away from your home, I will ask you to bring the dog out to me as I will not leave the mobile unattended out of eye site.

• Do you need power/water? The mobile is completely self-contained. It is equipped with large tanks, hot water and air conditioning.  If you prefer to not have me run the generator, I will need to plug into a standard 20amp outlet from your home, which will require close parking. If you have a large, hairy dog that requires a lot of water.  I may ask that I fill or partially fill my tank before departing for my next appointment. (Large, hairy dogs are best scheduled for the end of the day for this reason.) I use fresh warm water for each pet.  I DO NOT reuse water and have a holding tank to take it with me.


Appointments FAQ


• How can I schedule an appointment?  All appointments will be booked via our online scheduling software.  You can find it on our website at or on our Facebook page, @thatdoglady907

• What time should I expect my appointment?  When scheduling your appointment, you will be given a time.  That time is APPROXIMATE ONLY.  While I will do my best to stay on schedule, there is great potential for unavoidable delays due to the very nature of the job at hand and things like weather, and traffic. I will do my best to communicate with you in the event of such an instance.

• What if I need to cancel my appointment? I realize that life can sometimes get in the way of best laid plans.  I do ask, if possible, to give me 48 hours notice so I have an opportunity to fill your spot. While things can happen and you may need to cancel, I do expect these instances to be uncommon.  Late cancellations or failure to show for your appointment can result in fees that will need to be paid before any future services are scheduled.  You can view the complete policy on my website.


• Does my dog need to be current on vaccinations? Per the State of Alaska, and the Municipality of Anchorage, your dog must be current on their Rabies vaccine before any services are performed.  When you schedule your appointment, there is space to add your rabies vaccination information, due date and you can upload a picture of the rabies certificate directly to account. 

Any other vaccines are at the discretion of you and your veterinarian per the needs of your pet.


• How often does my dog need to be groomed? Appointments will be accepted for those wishing to stay on a regular grooming regime.  I will be unable to provide service for those in excess of 8 weeks between appointments.  This makes the process easier for everyone.  The pup gets used to a regular routine and the maintenance is easy and painless.  Excessive tangles and matting can lead to skin issues and sores as well as behavior issues.  There are obvious exceptions, but this is a general rule.

New Clients: Welcome
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