A Little About That Dog Lady

My name is Amanda, this is my little corner of the internet!

I am dedicated to the craft of dog grooming and the Mission of That Dog Lady is not be the biggest, just the best!  I am a registered member of the National Dog Groomer Association and International Professional Groomers Inc, as well as a Certified Salon Professional, Certified Professional Groomer and a Certified Advanced Professional Groomer through IPG.  I am also a Certified American Kennel Club Salon SAFE Groomer, Certified in Pet First Aid and CPR and dually certified in COVID-19 protocols from Barbicide and MoeGo.  Recently, I completed my Certification as a Canine Esthetitican by completing a course in Canine Salon Dermatology.  It is my goal to provide you with the best mobile grooming service I can!


As a mobile groomer, I specialize in one-on-one appointments. What does that mean for your dog? It means, in and out and no more waiting in a crate for 7 hours. I bring a fully self contained mobile salon to your doorstep where I can provide your dog my undivided attention. This is especially helpful for older pups, or the pups who’ve previously had a bad experience. This method of grooming provides a low stress environment.  I am not a “high-output” groomer! I do a handful of dogs a day to ensure that I get ample time with each pet. Most small dogs take an hour, while larger dogs take 2 to 2.5 hours.

My work is important to me. I focus a lot of time on continuing education and staying on top of the latest industry news. This spring I will be competing out of state. If you should ever have a complaint regarding my services or the services offered, please come to me first and allow me to make it right with you! 90% of the time its a simple miscommunication! My clients are important to me and I take pride in knowing that I am doing everything possible to ensure that my work, quality, and services stay top notch! “Not the biggest, just the best.”

Finding the right groomer for you and your dog is vitally important. Talk with them, ask questions, ask your friends, read reviews, visit the salon, whatever you need to make your trip to the groomer the best possible! :)


March 2019 I competed in Tacoma Washington at the Northwest Grooming Show. I managed a 1st place finish in the Poodle Class and, even though we didnt place, I am super proud of my little guy I groomed for the Rescue Round Up Class, The picture says it all; what confidence he has in his after picture!